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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Team Cooper is coming to Texas!!!

Jody called today and we made a decision beings we haven't seen each at all since she moved back to the states. Every time we make plans it falls threw. So this summer after school lets out they are coming for a week! They are arriving on my Birthday June 7th! What a great present. We are taking the family's to Six Flags and Sea World! With all 10 kids and it will be so much fun for all of them. Jody is going to take our family pictures for us finally!!!! She is also shooting a family that lives here that she knew in Germany. My kids and hers are so excited!!!! We can't wait to see all of them. Yeah!! Finally The Pearson's and Cooper's are getting together to have some summer fun!!

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Jody said...

:) yes we are very excited...