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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sami is learning to play this Song by David Cook called "Light On" and Kelly Clarkson's "Life would suck without you"!


Sami is always out in the garage playing her electric guitar and downloading new songs to learn to play and of course lets not forget beating away on her drums when she prefers it for certain songs. However, she called me out to the garage to listen to her play to "Light On" by David Cook. Ok, Sami and I both agree he is hot. He is the American Idol winner from last year. Hannah however disagrees whole heartily with us because she loves David Arguellta. We were just talking about it last night while the girls watched the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. Its funny, I already know how different my girls taste in men will be!! Chris just makes fun of all of us when we talk about it and gather together to watch American Idol. He and Ethan think its funny to make fun of us over the guys we think are cute and good singers. This year all of us girls like Allison the 16 year old girl from American Idol and of course different in men. Sami likes Adam, the rocker guy, except she didn't like his Johnny Cash song like me and many others and Hannah loves Danny. Again, such difference's in taste. Got to love the whole sister thing. Anyway, Sami played this song for me and of course I love the song as does she and so I decided to post the song on our blog.

This is the other song Sami is learning to play on her electric guitar. Hannah goes right out to the garage to pretend like she is singing the song while her big sister plays behind her. Its so cute. I didn't have my camera battery charged but next time I will post some of her playing these songs and ofcourse Hannah singing it. We all like Kelly Clarkson and Sami has pretty much mastered most of her songs. This is one of her favorite singers and Allison from American Idol reminds us of a younger Kelly when she was the American Idol winner from the first season. Enjoy the video's. They are Sami's fav's right now playing on her guitar.

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