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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sami hurts her arm again!


This happened like a week ago and I haven't posted it yet. She came home from school last week and finally let me take a picture of her in her cast. Well actually its a cast split down the middle so we can remove it for showers. She fell at school and we thought broke it again because it hurt her so bad and swelled up but its just a really bad sprang. She has to wear this till her appt. this week to see if she can go without it without pain. I swear, like my dad said, Sami's Papaw " She is like you Cori, She wears those casts like a badge of honor!" Yeah, well she is sure taking after me as a kid. I broke my arms and legs and feet all the time. Thought I would post this picture of her with it on.
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