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Friday, March 6, 2009

Nana's Coming, Nana's Coming!

Yesterday we got the news that Nana was coming to see us on April 2nd! She is coming to see her grandkids before she heads back to Alaska to go work the summer hire program up on the North Slope the WHOLE SUMMER!!!! So we won't see her till the fall time again so she is going to be here for a week and we will get to enjoy her for a bit before she is gone to Alaska. We all wish we could go with her. We sooooo miss Alaska. We want to go back so bad it kills us. They only person who doesn't want to go back ofcourse is Chris. Who knows we will see what time brings us. Anyway, thought I would share the good news. If you look to the side were we have our countdowns of when family comes to visit you have been added below Poppa and Grandma and Niki's! 2 Countdowns!!!!


Jody said...

How did you find out yesterday when my mom told me a week ago :) that is very cool, I am jealous at how much you get to see your parents! :) I wish I could!! I know you guys will have so much fun! PS tell her for me I love the pic of her in cancun....

Jody Cooper Photography said...

I love the new blog header! Very cute!