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Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Pictures out touring Lackland and Last Nights PJ Party with Grandma!


I had to put together some of these shots that Grandma has been taking. I didn't get to add all my favorite shots from the parade grounds of the kids and Poppa and Grandma and Niki and Chris so I put together and really cute collage of that and then last night, Grandma decided to shower all the grandkids and become the hairdresser and blow dried all the girls hair and then the kids put on a show on top of Sami's bed where Grandma and Poppa are sleeping. They all modeled and posed and showed off for the camera. The Pearson Children and differently not shy when a camera is out! Grandma then gave them all fudge pop cycles and put them to bed and was tuckered out herself. She got some cute shots of the kids just being goofy and having fun with each other. There are also some shots of Niki and Hannah and Elijah wearing their Superman capes. Hannah and Elijah already had theirs but Niki got one at Six Flags to match Hannah's. Then Grandma bought Elijah Batman and Robin PJ's and he had to model them of course. Now he thinks he needs a Batman cape. More dress up clothes is just what he needs!!! At least he has imagination and creativity, I will give him that. We have had a great time while Poppa and Grandma have been here. Grandma has cooked all the kids favorite food and spoiled them rotten by cleaning up after them! Yeah, that is going to end here soon too. Poppa has had his side kick with Elijah and All 3 girls sleep together and have had their giggle fests in the bedroom at night and they have played hide and go seek in the house because of course wouldn't you know it. Wednesday it started raining and storming out and its not going to quit till Sunday! We were going to go to the River walk today but its only 40 degrees outside and very windy and pouring down rain. So we have decided to take the kids to Chuck-e-Cheese's!!! Yes, shoot me now!!! No, the kids will have so much fun playing together and Poppa and Grandma get one more chance to spoil all their grandkids and spend time with all 5 of them together. Chris and I thou, its been so nice. We just kick back and chill as requested because they wanted to take care of everything and give us a break. Its has been so nice. I think we all are going to go into with drawls when they leave and we will miss them horribly when they are gone. Will post more pic's tomorrow!
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