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Monday, March 23, 2009

Look at my Sweet Babies from Easter Past! 2005


Holy Cow!!!! I was looking for a photograph and a couple of weeks ago our computer crashed and all my photos had to be rebooted to Picasa! It took forever. I have a ton of them. Any how I was just going threw some of the sections because Picasa asked me too and I found these of my babies!! Look how little they were. This is Easter of 2005 when they were coloring eggs in our kitchen and dressed up for the Easter Bunny. Hannah and Elijah are actually wearing Sami and Ethan's Easter outfits from 3 years earlier when we lived in Spain. Look how cute Elijah is in his onesie and one sock on and hands colored and legs covered in egg dye! Look at Hannah with her little curls and Sami with her first hair style and Ethan so small too! Man have they all 4 grown. I used to pray that they would grow up, but I would go back to them being my babies anyday! With a tear in my eye:)
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