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Friday, March 20, 2009

I HATE THE DENTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, hate is a very strong word but only to be used when you mean it and I do!!!! I can't talk right now, but I had 3 root canals started today and the infection in my gums and sinus's were so bad that we found out the reason behind all my pain. The previous dentist didn't finish the root canals and just stuffed cotton up into my teeth and put a small sealant on them and all of the protection was completely gone and so for months now my teeth have been open and invaded with bacteria hence huge, bad infection that has spread to my sinus cavity and across the top of my gum line. It was so bad its going to take 2-3 trips to the dentist spread out to try to get the infection cleaned up! So right now the dug into the teeth as deep as the could and started cleaning out infection with a dental bleach that by the way is NOT TO BE SWALLOWED!! and I was choking on it! Oh it was awful. Plus I take triple the amount of Novocaine and they had to keep re numbing me because I could feel it. Fun stuff. So he finally got all the sealants back into place so no more leakage could come out or in of the teeth to help with the infection and I have to wait till April 1st to go back when they are going to reopen everything and go in again and start cleaning more of the infection and out and hopefully finish the root canals and completely seal them off so this doesn't happen to me again. HMMM and you wonder why I would rather give birth then have my teeth done. Since I was a kid I would get sick at my stomach and be so nervous and get migraines over it. Well today was a new first for me. I started crying right in the dentist chair when they started. Partly because it hurt like hell! Not kidding. Plus I just was in so much pain and they were causing more pain and roll in the fact that dentist's scare the you know what out of me, I just started crying! My dentist chilled out right then and there and started talking really calmly to me and reassuring me. He is very stern and aggressive in his behavior and how he talks to his patients and I guess when I broke out in tears I softened him. Even the tech's were like WOW he is really being chill with you Mrs. Pearson. That was not my intention but whatever works. I was more embarrassed that I cried in front of them. I don't do that normally. First for all things I guess. Anyway, I am swollen and hurting really bad and took my Victoin already and my numbing is wearing off so I am off to go lay down and put on a ice pack and add more numbing medicine to my gums. God this hurts way to much and to think, I have to go threw all of this again in 2 weeks!!! Fun for me:)

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