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Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Sami

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

Its offically after midnight and we went woke up Sami and kissed her and told her Happy Birthday! Can a mom get to emotinal? I think, YES is the answer! I don't know why but I am. I see her and see what a wonderful young women she is blossming into and it just makes me want to cry! Sami thinks its funny thou. She says " Just think mom I will be driving in 2 years, or Just think mom in 5 years I will be 18!" Those things scare the hell out of me but most of all make me want time to slow down. I am not ready for any of my kids to grow up this fast. However, you can't stop time and we are honored first off to be Sami's parents and to watch what she is growing up to be and what a kind heart she does have say's that maybe, just maybe we are doing something right. She is her own person. I used to try to fight with her over her clothes and her room and finally I realized that I needed to back off and let her be who she is and also remember that its ok for her to have her own taste and like what she likes even if I don't. That makes her who she is and I wouldn't change it of the world. In parenting as with most things in life you have to pick and choose your battles and when your daughter is the only one out of all your childs friends who is still a good kid, getting great grades and isn't in trouble all the time and grounded or out doing things they shouldn't be doing,it seems how she dress's or how she likes things to look in her room are far less of a mountain but a mole hill when you sit back and look at it that way. Not that she is by anymeans let me clarify a perfect child but a mother couldn't ask for better. We are so proud of Sami and all she has done and all we know she will do in the future with her life! Welcome to the Teenage Years Sami, have a blast with it! Love Mom and Dad. I changed the backround just to celebrate her special day!

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Jody said...

Happy Birthday Samantha! While I love that you are so big and am honored to be your Godmother (noone else is kid, sorry babe your stuck with me) :) However, Sam when Aunt Jody Shoots you, well we'll discuss what clothes you are wearing k :)Have a great day! I love you!