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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pictures of Reba's Stage being Set up and Rodeo Start.


Ok, I realize these are hard to see. When it gets dark in there, getting good pictures are very hard expecially zoomed in. So these are the best ones I have. You can see some of the green lighting from when Reba was entering and the opening colors with all the riders on horses at the beginning of the rodeo and the stage all lite up with Reba on it. You just can't see her very well. Yes, we were in the nose bleed section but still we had a good time. Elijah slept thru the whole concert. Hannah pouted because Sami yelled at her. Ethan just wanted to go home. He doesn't like concerts he say's and Chris was also falling asleep. Elijah was alseep on me and got so heavy I had to make Chris take him which woke him up nice and good!!! Hannah finally cheered up a bit when she sang "The night the lights went out in Georgia" and the song she sang with Kelly Clarkson, and Fancy and a couple others. She played a medley of a bunch of her songs all rolled into one set so everyone who had been with her from the beginning could hopefully hear some of thier favorite songs too. Oh my goodness this was my favorite part and ofcourse Sami leans over and says I don't know any of these songs!!! Like "Little Rock" "When whoever is in New England" "Sisters" and a couple more. Ofcourse her final song as always was "Fancy". Man she can sing that song and get people on thier feet. You could here the whole crowd singing it with her. She did a great job and while they still played fancy she climbed into a Truck and rode around the whole arena in the back and shook hands with people climbing the fence lines to get to her. Over all a pretty good night and Sami said Thank you to us as we were walking out in the mad house of the parking lot. A hour just in the parking lot to get out!!! Yeah, we got home after midnight but the kids got up and went to school and the girls wore thier shirts to show them off. They both said thier teachers were jealous!
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Jody said...

Congrats Sam!!I am glad you had a good time, if i had known sooner I would have sent you money like I did Ethan for tony hawk. :)