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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Pirate, My Elijah!!!!


So as most of you know... Elijah loves to play dress up. He goes back and forth. Right now his two big loves are being a Cowboy and a Pirate! Well, he started making these Wiggles signs that turned into him making a ships flag and him going back to being a Pirate like Captain Jack or Captain Feather sword from Pirates of the Caribbean and The Wiggles. Now this story is long but cute so I am going to give the short version as best I can!:)
About a week ago Elijah became so emotional which is his thing lately because he is 5 I guess, I am not sure but anyway, emotional to say the least. Crying over spilled milk or not having a flag pole to hang his colored Pirate Flags on to make a pirate ship out of his bed. So of course him being the baby all the kids found him this broken rake pole and Chris taped on his flag to it. That made his day. Now he sleeps with his pirates flag flying on his bed and his pirate hat and sword because no pirate can sleep without his sword and the flag let me tell you about this flag..... He has to have it. He colors a new one everyday to change it out. He got a lassos at the rodeo and even lassoed the ceiling fan so he could swing from his pirate ship aka his bed like pirates swing from ropes on their ships!! Thank goodness he came to ask me a quick question about it before he decide to swing from it and pull the ceiling fan out of the ceiling first. So in Elijah's 5 year old mind he moved onto something else. His Pirate Flag. It needed to be in the middle of his bed because on all pirate ships, the flag is in the middle of the ship. Yes, he is obsessive about this stuff. To the point of driving you crazy sometimes. However, I have 5 teeth that need root canals and my right side of my face is totally infected and we are waiting to get into the base dentist on March 2nd to try to get some of this resolved. So my pain has been really bad and I have been taking tons of pain meds to help with the pain. Today Chris brought him home from school, woke me from my pain med coma and said we are home. I said ok, got up and Chris went back to work. Now Elijah normally comes in from school grabs his snack and plants himself in front of the TV to watch his favorite afternoon cartoons. Like Ed, Edd, and Eddy and so on. Yes, don't even get me started. Well normally he doesn't move from the TV. Hannah, Ethan and Sami come home about 45 minutes later from school and we are set. Well, I get the Mother of the Year award once again and told Elijah mommy wasn't feeling well and was going to go lay down to just finish watching TV till the kids got home like normal. I fell back to deep sleep. Not good I know. Anyway, Elijah in the meantime for the first time decided not to watch tv but get a chair up to the counters grab a HUGE Bread Knife take it to his room and try to start cutting a hole in the middle of his mattress for his flag pole. Ok, stop right there, can you say WHAT THE HELL???? The next thing I know, the door bell is just ringing and I get up answer it and its the kids coming home from school and no Elijah. I find him sitting on his bed with this huge knife stuck in his mattress trying to cut it going toward him with the sharp end facing him. I freaked out! I ran and grabbed the knife out of his bed and he is trying to explain to me why he needed the knife all the while I am yelling at him how this is not ok, that he could have been hurt really bad and remember when he cut his thumb in Alaska and his finger with my quilting knife and had to go to the ER and it hurt really bad and this is not safe and he knows better, Man I gave him the whole MOMMY is NOT HAPPY SP EACH!!! Well, Elijah is just crying by now because we don't have to spank him at all, just telling him your disappointed in him is punishment enough. I hug him, pull him down from his bed and send him down with the kids to watch TV and eat his snack and to promise me to never ever do this again. Man, my heart. I swear It will give out on me one of these days. So Chris gets home and I tell him what happened and I realize that reading this you all are like oh my god right??? Its not funny but it is. If you knew Elijah you would laugh too. Chris just starts laughing and I bust out laughing saying Its not funny he could have been really hurt! Well, so Elijah again, gets a talking too and this poor kid.... he say's "but mom, dad I just wanted a real pirate ship like all the real pirates have!" In all sincerity mind you. He now I don't think will ever touch a knife again we have traumatized him so much and scared him about being hurt by a knife he might need therapy just from that. However, he still went to bed and flew his flag on his bed and wore his hat and had his sword like ALL GOOD PIRATES DO!!!! The Moral of the Story, well first off Mom gets a big fat reward for falling asleep and also how we all wish that we could be 5 years old again and the biggest worry of our life would be were to fly our flags for our pirate ships in life. Have a great week!
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Jody said...

He's lucky he doesn't live by Aunt Jody I think I would have broken the godmother oathe, and spanked him... A knife scares Aunt Jody to death!! thou he is very cute with his antics! :)