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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here we go again, Chris tests for Msgt Tomorrow the 12th!

Just thought I would put a little prayer request out there to you all and send all good thoughts Chris's way tomorrow as he tests again for Msgt at 7am. We both really know how important this could be for our family but also for Chris's career. We could really use the bump in pay but as we all know even if he does make it we have to wait awhile till his line number to come up to sew it on and get the pay raise. Yes, the military does promotions very different then the civilian world. We wish it happened like that and it was instant but its not. However, with prayer and the loads of studying he has done to prepare himself for this test, all I can say is its in God's Hands now and that he give Chris the knowledge he needs to pass. So keep him in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning as he takes his test please. Right now he is in bed fighting a horrible migraine.

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lettering mama said...

Best of luck to you guys! I know it's not easy... hopefully, it goes well!