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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday G.G.! We Love and Miss You!!!

These are pictures of last year in March during Soccer Season which is about to start here again (where does the time go?). Anyway, these are some of my favorite shots of G.G. here in San Antonio with the kids and at our home. She is so pretty and forgive me but I believe she is 86 years old today. If I am wrong, I am so sorry. The kids sang to her and Chris talked to her briefly. The sad news is she has little energy these days and hardly moves anymore and Chris said she forgot she visited us and were we lived. However, I am still so glad she came and we have the memories of her visit. We still pray for her and hope she still has one more visit in her of course selfishly. Anyway, we just wanted to share G.G.'s Birthday with the rest of you. The kids made sure I put her up on the blog after singing to her tonight on the phone. So Happy Birthday G.G. We Love You and Miss You Very Much!:)

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