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Monday, February 2, 2009

Elijahs obsession with The Wiggles


Since finding out that we are going to Six Flags when Grandma and Poppa Pearson when they come, Elijah has none stop been drawing pictures and making books from printing and coloring pages of the Wiggles. He is convinced he will see the Wiggles when we go to Six Flags. When we were there last as you can see I took a picture of him next to the entrance of the park they were remodeling to turn into Wiggles World. However, it doesn't open till this summer "we believe" and the Cast Members of The Wiggles are suppose to be there for its Grand Opening which we will be taking Elijah too! It would make his world to see the "Real" Wiggles in person and here them sing. So he colored this picture and of course in Elijah fashion he GLUED it to his bedroom door for all to see!!!! Yes, GLUED IT!!! Thank goodness he told us right away, well actually he said come see my new picture I glued to my door! Yeah, Chris jumped up to go remove it so it wouldn't lift paint and we showed him how to tack things or tape things to the door not glue them to it. So he wanted his picture taken with it also and it had to go on our blog for him and everyone else to see. Elijah is very proud of his drawing of the Wiggles. He only spelt out WIGG because he says her ran out of space to finish writing the rest of it in the big yellow bubble were the words go. He also attempted to write all the friends names on the paper as well. Anyway, wanted to share. He is so cute and so loyal to the things he likes. Elijah also says to tell you that he is their BIGGEST FAN!!!
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