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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chris and I Chaporone Elijah's Kindergarten Class to the San Antonio Stock Show!


OK, I don't normally go for this but because Chris and I have not gone on a field trip this year we got nabbed to go and we said yes. Why not. The San Antonio Stock Show sure. A total from all the kindergarten class's was 80+ screaming Kindergartners on the bus!!!! OH MY!! Can you say headache? Anyway, I put together 3 colleges of some the best pictures we got of Ms.Garcia's Class (Elijah's class) The kids had tons of fun and learned a lot and loved to play on the jumping things and of course it got to a blazing 80 and we had no water to give the kids nor shade while we waited in direct sunlight for our bus's to return to come get us. It was miserable. I guess this has been the first time in about 4 years its been this warm when they went. Still, these poor kids were melting. Chris and I made sure to keep telling all the kids so the teachers could hear us that they could get water first thing when we got back to the classrooms. However, when all was said and done we had a good time. I am beat and my legs and feet are swollen. Chris and I became the cool parents that all the kids wanted to hold hands with. Yeah, that was fun. 20 kindergartners trying to get a turn holding our hands. Elijah thou was so proud to have both of us there and he kept telling everyone that both his mommy and daddy came with him to the rodeo and no one Else's. However, there was one other mom. Chris even snuck away and went and bought Elijah the one thing he has been missing from his cowboy get up. A real Lasso. Its kid size and we got it for $3! In Blue no less so he is downstairs lassoing everything he can get. All is said and done we had a good time and so did all the kids. Especially Elijah!
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