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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Report Card Time!

Well, Last Friday we got all Report Cards in except for Sami's. They mail those to us because they don't trust those kids to bring them home to the parents. Hummm I wonder why??? Fortunetly, I was not one of those parents and have yet to be.

In order:
Sami made Honor Roll yet again!!! She also made perfect attendence award. If they have a ceremony I will post pictures then. We are very proud of her. We have strict rules no grades lower than a 85%. Sami has been struggling this year (finally) and I say that because she doesn't really struggle in school to often but struggling non the less in Math and had been going every evening after school to tutoring to bring up her grade which caused her on 2 occasions this quarter to be grouded. She pulled it up right to the 85% and made the Honor Roll! I knew she could do it!

Ethan also made 5th grade Honor ROLL!!!! His First time doing so. We are very proud of him. After both arms being broke and doing home tutoring and being out for 6 weeks of regular school we told him we just expected him to do what work he had a present time and not worry about any work missed. Well, thankfully he didn't miss any work. His tutor was his actual teacher and she kept him up to speed and he got right back into the swing of things and has aced everything upon his return. Even his principal let me know how impressed she was with him. This was a huge deal to Ethan and he is so excited about making the grade and Honor Roll. We couldn't be happier for him.

Hannah also ofcourse got great grades. Normally, 1st graders still get the S's, P's, N's, E's etc... as a guideline for grades. Well that is not how Lackland ISD does business. From 1st grade on all kids will get letter grades and it will count. Nice I know right? Anyway, no worries again on our end as parents. Hannah got all A's! She was so proud and we are very proud of her. Not only did she get A's she also got a acheivement award for helping out other students by mentoring them and tutoring them. Yes, all this in the 1st grade. My rule is as long as thier work is done they are free to help out were needed. Seems to be working out so far.

Elijah is in Kindergarten. Ofcourse we have for Lackland ISD instead of the normal S's, P's, etc... we get / or x. The / means at grade level and proceeding normally. The x means exceeds. Elijah had about a half and half of these marks. So while he was upset he didn't have letter grades like the other 3 did we explained it to him this way which made him happy again. X mean A, / means B! Works for me and for my 5 years brain!!

We are very proud of all the kids. School is top priority in this house and they know it. My kids will not end up like me or Chris. Poor and no Degree. They know this hence us always on them about it and we expect it from them and they so far have delivered. There is only Up for my kids and they are climbing that ladder!! Way to go Final Four!

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