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Friday, January 30, 2009

IT's HomeComing Week At Stacey Jr/Sr High!!!


Can you tell Sami has the spirit!!! Yes she does!!! This is Sami and her friend Emily. All of Sami's friends ran home after school to put on thier war paint in school colors and each got a white shirt and painted it as well with whatever they wanted on it to wear to all the basketball games tonight. Girls and Boys Leagues at the High School. So many of Sami's friends play on both teams and she loves to go with all her girlfriends and watch the games and hang out and make I am sure TONS OF NOISE!!! WIth it being homecoming week they are all pumped up and ready to go and cheer on there teams at school and then a bon fire thing I guess. She is going to be 13 next month and so we are slowly letting the purse strings go. So she will be home tonight around 10pm. Thank goodness its all on base and within walking distance thou. I would have been more nearvous if we still lived off base and I had to drive her everywhere and drop her off. However, I am sure she can still get into trouble if she wants. Teenagers and Homecoming and bonfires OH MY!!! It has offically begun for us. She is a great kid thou and I am sure she will be just fine. Just wound up on energy and life when she gets home. I am sure she will arrive with a couple of girlfriends thou asking if they can stay over. Which ofcourse I don't care. At least they are here under my roof were I can watch them!!!
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