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Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Jody

Ok, This is the only picture I could find of you in my digital system. I don't have a working scanner or I would have scanned the new family one of Jody. However, I love this shot of her. This was actually the last time my family seen thier family!!! That is how long it has been. The girls were babies and are now 4 years old. That is awful. Anyway, today is Aunt Jody's Birthday. She is 33! She is finally getting up there like the rest of us.:) We just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday from us to her. We love and miss you Aunt Jody.

Love All of us here at Pearson House!!!
Chris, Cori, Sami, Ethan, Hannah and Elijah Pearson


Jody said...

Oh my Cori Lynn.... That is a horrible pic of me! :) However, Thank you for remembering my birthday and letting them sing to me!

Jody said...

Kevin said upon seeing this picture "Man, I guess you don't see it when you live with someone, but you can tell now that you lost 68 pounds since then" :) Thank God!