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Monday, January 5, 2009

Good News Monday!

I just wanted to share my good news. In Short... My cousin is testifying on behalf of a friend in a custody battle whom she new in Germany in Texas! 2 hours from our home. She asked over the weekend but Chris had said No, plus I thought my kids didn't go back to school till Tuesday which is my Dr.s appt day also. So No, I couldn't go. Well then today Sami and the kids all kept saying "No, Mom we go back on Monday" I finally said ok, go look it up on the school district online. Sure enough they go back on Monday. So I looked at Chris and asked him again now that the kids are in school and worked out that he will get Elijah who gets out 45 minutes earlier than the other 3. Pick up Sami, Ethan and Hannah and Sami is going to watch the kids for about 1 hour while Chris goes back to work and finishes out his work day so I can go see Jody in Belton, Texas!!! I am so excited. A little scared driving by myself but none the less not scared enough to not go. She is only going to be 2 hours away and I can go support her while she is awaiting to testify at the courthouse and be in the court room while she does. We are going to try to do lunch first then the courthouse. If she doesn't get called before the end of the day I will have to leave to head home but I am so excited to get to see her at least for a couple of hours. Man, are my kids not happy I get to see their Aunt Jody and not them again. Sami got on the phone and even asked her to let me bring her home so they could see her. It kills us that the kids haven't seen them or theirs us in so long but hopefully soon we can work it out and all of us get together. Anyway, I wanted to share my good news. So at 9am off I go to Belton, Texas. Fun stuff.

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