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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chris's Testing Date and New Job!

Since I am way behind on posting this I figured I better. Chris got his testing date for Msgt for 2009!!! His next rank. Which we are desperate for him to make. His testing date is February 12th! Years ago, all his test dates were in February then the last couple of them had been in March which is way more study time but we are back to a February test date again. Less time studying. Oh well, it happens and he has been studying for months now. To be honest, this is what he does and I could never do. We are so opposites when it comes to our internal clocks. Chris likes mornings! Always has always will. He is a early to rise kind of guy. He goes to bed early thou! He day starts at 3:30am now. It was 4am but he wants to give himself a extra 30 minutes in the morning for studying time. So he gets up and studies till 6am every morning then showers and takes the kids to school. He comes home at night and after dinner starts studying again. Normally no more than an hour because to be honest, he sits down and he is out cold. Which who can blame him getting up so early. So he is hitting the books and his software that he bought very hard in hopes of making Msgt (Master Sergent) this year. Keep him in your prayers for that.
Now, onto his New Job. Chris decided after this last go around with his weight and having to PT(physical fitness) with the base commander everyday for 8 weeks that he was going to stick to a plan this time. A opportunity arouse and offers were put out for NCO's to become PT Trainers and Leaders to meet the new Air Force Guidelines. Well, Chris applied and got accepted and went to class and became a PT Instructor. He did this and he will be honest and say it too for selfish reason's. This will help keep him thinner and on a exercise routine and not get fat again or get put on what we call the Fat Boy Program again. He loves it as it turns out. He is in charge of his his squadron. He had to be trained on all the exercises and new guidelines and has now cleaned out the garage and reorganized it and set up his bowflex out in the garage and when we tore down the Christmas Tree we set up the treadmill in the same place the Tree was in. So now all the kids get on that. I have been on it twice and Chris is trying to put a routine together for me but I give much Resistance on that one! I need to thou. Chris runs on it every night. He even had Sami burn him 2 CD's of music for him and his squadron to work out too! I thought that was so funny. Anyway,


Jody said...

Good for Chris! :) I love all the updates, and i am so jealous family is coming.... I am 33 and homesick! :)

Jody said...

Ohhhh did you see both of my new buttons???