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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arriving Soon!

I haven't posted this yet, but I am now! The kids are so excited about this. Chris's Parents, Poppa (Bill) and Grandma (Colleen) and Cousin Niki are coming for a Visit to San Antonio to see us. They arrive on March 8th. They are coming during the kids Spring Break time here so they can spend all that time with their grand kids. Niki's Dad (Uncle Mike, Chris's Brother) won't be able to come but said she could miss a weeks worth of school so she could come see her cousins that she hardly ever gets to see. Hannah is beyond thrilled about this. She already has things planned out for her and Niki to do. By request and a wonderful gift I might add also, we are going to Six Flags while they are here with all the Pearson Cousins together. Grandma and Poppa were nice enough and surprised us and bought us Season Passe's to Six Flags this year! We were going to with our Tax Return but they did it for us and we are grateful to them for doing that! We will put them to good use I am sure! Then Grandma and Poppa want to go to the Riverwalk and see that and experience that also. We love the Riverwalk in this house. The food, smells, the life downtown is just contagious and would be more than happy to take them there to experience it also. We might squeeze in SeaWorld or a trip to Corpus Christi to the Beach while they are here. I hope we can do it all. Gets us out of the house and enjoying family and Spring Break. Where as we can't leave the state to go on a vacation, we are lucky enough to live in a City that provides us with small vacations with out the big price tag like it did when we went to California. However, if I could go to Florida and do DisneyWorld and Universal Etc... I would believe me but this will do. That's what happens when you have little to no money and lucky enough to live in San Antonio! Anyway, Just thought I would share this news also. I am catching up on posts.

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Jody said...

Oh my gosh.... I say this is the most kind way, Chris you have lost some weight dude! :) Good for you guys that you get to see family, did I mention I am jealous??