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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sami meets Tracy Lawerence at our BX!


So, Yes, Sami meets and get another autograph of a country star that she loves. She walked home after school, grabbed what I thought was her electric guitar but oh no, not Sami, She grabs a little blue toy guitar she got years ago and had signed by Montgomery Gentry to have Tracy Lawerence signed it as well. He asked her who signed it and he told her he was good friends with them as well. He asked her if she played and she said " Yes, I actually have bigger guitars than this!" and he said "your the first one to crack a joke all day!" So he told her to keep practicing and one day maybe he would see her again on stage! How cool is that! They talked a minute and she told him that she wanted a new Pink Electric Guitar for Christmas and he just smiled and joked with her back and said " Yeah, Good Luck with that!" As she was leaving thou with her friends, this guy walks in in a black cowboy hat and black jacket and looking very much like Tim McGraw as Sami put it and her friends starting screaming "That's Tim McGraw!" So they ran back inside to find out it wasn't but a fan who looked a lot like him! Sami had to get a picture of him but couldn't get one of him looking at the camera as she put it to me. However, it was so funny. Her friends were outside just going on and on about this guy. So I opened the window and cracked a joke at them and Sami being my daughter and her friends were like' "Yeah, you don't understand.... HE WAS HOT!!!" I am like oh my, your all are 12 and 13 years old. This guy has got to be in his late 20's early 30's ok,and the girls were drewlling over him and for a moment really thought they were going to get to meet Tim McGraw Too! I have to say, He could be his double that is for sure and I am sure he has no problems getting girls his own age! Even MOM'S AGE:) This was Sami's reward also for making Honor Roll this year. Very Proud of her.
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