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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our New Address and Update on Chris.....

For the life of me I can't seem to get it together this Christmas Season. I have been down sick for a week with migraines and still I have so much to do. I hate it but after opening emails today 274 of them!!! Mostly junk but a lot of responders with address etc.... I forgot to send our new address with that email. So here it is.

Chris, Cori Pearson
2603 Bullard Drive
Lackland AFB, TX 78236

Now, onto the second question I keep getting asked about and have not had time to update. Chris leaving for Iraq. Praise God and his mercy because as of right now he DOES NOT have to go! The date for his departure falls outside he AEF bucket and he has been in the NCO Academy for the past 7 weeks and not working so there for they could not use him to fill the spot. So they sent it back up to command level for them to fill. Now, if by some odd chance that there is absolutely nobody to fill this tasking then they may come back to him and ask him to volunteer. Yeah right is all I have to say to that one but in any case I realize we are a military family and if he is called to go and feels he has to he will go but the chance now of that are so small we can feel relief and breathe easier. At least I can anyway. Chris is happy thou also that he doesn't have to go too. He has a new job waiting on him upon his return to work thou. A new commander wants him to head up a new office in his speciality of work that he has done for years prior to getting to Lackland. I will let him explain that in the Christmas letter! (Which I am behind on writing this year also!) I do what my body allows me to do and that is just how that one goes. My mind gets active and my body yells at me to remind me of how much I can't do anymore. Its crazy to feel like that at my age but well its true. Anyway, I hope you are all having a very Merry Christmas Season and gearing up for it. Its around the corner. My Parents will be here on the 22nd and we are so excited. My kids are thrilled and they will be here for a week which means we can go do somethings together this time around San Antonio. I will post on Thursday after Chris's graduation. We have to dress very formal for it and I had to buy a fancy dress to match him to go to this thing at the River Walk. I can't remember the last time we got dressed up this fancy and went out by ourselves and had a built in babysitter (Sami!). She is happy because she gets paid for it. I know I will be calling like every 30 minutes or so to check in thou. Yeah, should be really relaxing! Anyway, your updated. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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