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Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Day at SeaWorld, The Day after Christmas!


Well we tried to go before Christmas but Elijah came down with a stomach flu (which is now going around the house and has gone thru Nana and now Papaw has it and myself(Cori & Sami!) Fun Stuff!!! However, the weather was like 75 degree's out, we all felt good this day and went. Papaw got to ride roller coasters with the grand kids for the first time ever and the first time in over 10 years plus! We had a good time. The park was all decorated for Christmas. Elijah of course is still in Cowboy mode and wouldn't go without his hat and scarf around his neck which worked in his favor when the Budweiser Trolley with the Horse's came by. Oh my is all I have to say. They picked him out of the crowd and let Nana stand with them in front of them and on the side as close as he was allowed. He got a big kick out of that. We also got to see Santa on Vacation in his Hawaiian outfit. It was the day after delivering all those gifts and he was taking a vacation. The kids thought it was cool he was wearing a Hawaiian Hat and shorts! We got some shots of Nana and Papaw on one of the rides that allowed Elijah and Hannah both called the the Log Roll. They had fun on that. Elijah also got to sit with Shamu in his Holiday best all by himself to get a picture. Then we found this pretty tree by the IMAX 4D Theater and took some great shots of all of us together and separate. They turned out cute beings we had just gotten off The Steel Ell Roller coaster which blasted our hair backward! All in All we had a good time. Being sick cut into much that we wanted to do but we still had a great time together. Tomorrow (Monday) Nana and Papaw head back to Chicago to their home and my kids are not happy at all about it. Elijah already has started crying. Which of course is killing my parents. They went to go see Marley and Me today at the theater while Papaw and I stayed home sick. Oh my gosh, they don't tell you that the dog dies in the end and Hannah was crying so hard Chris had to carry her out of the theater and Nana had to calm her down the whole ride home. I guess Sami and Elijah were crying too but not like Hannah. Ethan yeah, well he really doesn't get to emotional over stuff like that and was giving them all a hard time about it. However, when they came home Chris yelled up to me that he was taking Hannah and Elijah to the park to lift their spirits, of course out came the story about the dog dying in the end and in ran Hannah crying all the way to the top steps to me to hold her. She got that big dog Biscuit for Christmas and now she has named it after our dog in Alaska "Lizzie". Now all the kids want a puppie and our Lizzie back. Well that isn't going to happen so Biscuit or should I say Lizzie #2 is going to have to do for now. Hannah hasn't let that dog leave her side all evening. Its even in bed with her right now in sleep mode laying down like she commanded it to do! Elijah tried to get his horse to lay down but no such luck. Well I hope you all enjoy the pictures. We enjoyed making the memories and can't believe a week has gone by already and my parents are headed home. It makes me sad. I wish we still lived close by each other especially my kids. They really miss them and have the hardest time when they leave. Thank goodness they have one more week of Christmas Break off from school to recover from being sick and from missing Nana and Papaw! Thank you Nana and Papaw for coming for Christmas. We will miss you and Love you!
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Jody Cooper Photography said...

I love it! I wish we would have been able to come there at Thanksgiving!

Jody Cooper Photography said...

Oh by the way I love this family pic! (on the blog header)