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Monday, December 8, 2008

A Mouse in the House!

This is sort of funny and nasty all at the same time! About a month ago, I posted about a possum on our back porch who was very ugly! Well, a couple of weeks ago I was sitting at our kitchen table which has two french doors that lead out to the backyard. Something caught my eye running back and fourth. A Mouse! A little one but non the less a mouse! I have issue's with mice. While in Alaska, while Chris was deployed to Iraq we kept hearing scratching in the walls. I called the base and they came and listened in the walls during the daytime and heard nothing. Of course mice like to act up at night so my attempt to get whatever it was out was falling on deaf ears. They left some big traps around the house with birdseed in them saying they thought it might be squirrels because other house's were having squirrel problems also. Yeah, right I thought to myself but we moved on. Soon it was fall time and Chris was home. We kept hearing the scratching and even now with Chris home I let him hear it and also to make sure I wasn't going crazy. No, he heard it also. Of course thou, I told him what the guy said and we left it at that. Yeah, well they were mice. TONS OF THEM!!! So bad in fact that we lived in a 4 plex building. Meaning like Town House's. How they are all attached but separate housing. Well Our pipes all ran in the basement ac cross the building. Soon thou, My kids were saying how they could hear mice and Hannah swore she seen one and kept getting up at night to tell me she could hear something under her bed. Me of course being me didn't believe her in that sense. I thought she was talking of monsters. Soon thou I was up in the middle of the night and walking downstairs to get some water. I had piles of laundry in my hallway because I was doing laundry. A huge mouse ran out from under our clothes and into Sami's room! I screamed so load and ran back and woke Chris up and we tried to find it but couldn't. Soon, we figured out the house was infested with mice. They were everywhere. There were such large nests of them in the walls and in our house and our neighbors house's that we had to move out for 2 days while cleaning company's came to clean our carpets and kill mice. We in one night killed 7 mice! Well after living thru that experience It just totally disgusts me to see one and I yelled for Chris to go outside and kill the mouse I had seen on our back patio. If he didn't it would figure out a way to get in. In our backyard is a huge river and woods. So I do expect critters around. Heck, we do live in Texas. I somewhat expect it. We have seen huge snakes since living here. However, NO MICE!! Well, Chris didn't kill the mouse and feels we are scared of nothing its just a mouse. He is a guy and I am a girl. Enough said. I stand on chairs, he kills them! So the mouse kept coming back. We opened up Christmas box's and a mouse chewed thru one box and some of my decoration box's. Now, I am mad. Well, this weekend, the kids were watching TV downstairs around 10pm. Ethan seen a mouse run ac cross the kitchen under the fridge. They start screaming and run upstairs. Chris is asleep, I am reading a book. We wake him up and he is NOT HAPPY! Chris is not a nice person when he gets woke up. So I made him go and move the fridge and nothing. So he headed to go back to bed. Nope, I said, Ummmmm, yeah, your making a store trip to go get traps to kill this thing and get Irish Spring Soap. Chris's mom Kathy told us they didn't like the smell. He was not happy, but he did it. We set up the two traps and sure enough at 2am I heard the snap! WE got the mouse! So again, I had to wake Chris up to got throw it away and again, he was not happy I was waking him up over a mouse. I wanted it out of my house and Chris just wanted sleep. He wanted me to go clean it up. Again, I am a girl he is a guy and as I always tell him, "These are reason's I got married!" He doesn't ever like that comment!!HEHEHEH..... So we got the mouse, and left traps out all weekend in case there were anymore. Nope just that one little one that was creating havoc on my stress level. However, can you see all of us in that kitchen? All my kids and me were up on chairs and furniture and Chris is crawling around on the floor and pulling things out to find a mouse. All the while he is grumbling about how its a small mouse and we are bigger and there is nothing to be afraid of.... All 5 of us looked at him and were like... " Don't you remember Alaska and the mice in our house?" Gosh, he is such a GUY!!! To him we are all " LA LA'S!!!"

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