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Sunday, November 9, 2008

When with Sick child all night call on NICK JR On DEMAND!!

So Elijah and Hannah have been sick a lot this week but it started with Hannah when she woke up with that Barking Seal Cough! Oh how I love to hear her screaming for me while coughing like that. Thats more than the common cold, its called for those who don't know "Croup!" My kids have always gotten this since babies. Thank goodness we know what to do. Off to a hot steamed shower room and start giving cold medicine. Goop them up with Vicks Chest Cream and lots of steam and thumping on the back to help get that nasty mucus up! Hannah still has a cough...
but has still had a really bad cough and running nose and when Hannah is on med's she isn't the nicest person to be around. Medicine changes her personality major! However, she is getting better. Elijah then woke up this week with his nose close off with green yucky's and coughing but not barking seal coughing. I kept him home one day and he went back the rest of the day. Thursday he came home and went to bed at 5:50pm and did not get back up....
Till 5:30am! I was worried. He is like Chris and sleeps off his illness, but still no dinner no up for potting just solidly out of it and sound sleeping. I kept checking and checking on him to make sure he was still breathing! Its a Mom thing I know, I can't help it. He got up and still had a yucky nose and cough but felt much better so he went to school Friday.
Yeah, today is a totally different story. Elijah when he gets tired just goes off to bed without even saying goodnight most times. We will be like were is Elijah and he is sound asleep in bed! Tonight (Sat) I noticed he was flushed and coughing and said mom can I go to bed yet? This was about 7:30pm, but he stayed up till 8:30pm. He woke up in a start. One Chris and I both jumped up out of bed for. He was barking like a seal but couldn't get air in at all!!! I am not kidding the kid was turning blue. Chris started the shower, he is just coughing and coughing. I ran for the inhaler that we have when our kids get Croup! Three puffs and he is breathing a bit better but not much. Chris gives him some Mucinex and Children's Cough and Cold.
He stays in the bathroom with him in the steam and I am out the door at 1am looking for a open drugstore on a early Sunday morning. Finally CVS to the rescue. I got tons of stuff for him to help him out. Got the shower soother vapors. Children's Vapor rub, Vapor Bath, Thermometer,Tylenol Cold and Cough, and more Mucinex to help get that mucus out for him. Now he barely has a voice poor little guy and is sleeping in our bed so we can hear him. He is still Wheezing badly but breathing better. So guess what makes all things better with Elijah no matter how bad he feels. NICK JR On Demand!
All his favorites are on all night long and he is set and comfortable in between his mommy and daddy and watching his favorite shows. He was so happy to be watching them but unable to be his usual self, dancing and singing.
He is really out of it. So if he is not better in morning I told Dad, no choice he goes to ER because he might need a asthma treatment to open his airways even thou our inhaler is working a little bit. Scary but I thought Wow, yet again even in the middle of the night Nick Jr. to the rescue!

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