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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is what Ethan and Elijah do when grounded to their room and suppose to clean it up!!!


The boys have been fighting a lot lately and not keeping their room clean. Its been a struggle to get them to do anything chore wise. They are home bodies so saying you can't go outside doesn't work so we grounded them for fighting all the time and their room. Took away what matters most to them, Ethan's DS and Elijah's Power Ranger costume he wears daily for dress up from Halloween. Today they were suppose to get it all back. Yeah, not! The room hasn't been cleaned nor do they really care it seems. So now TV is on its way out and other things like XBOX and All of Elijah's Hats that he wears for dress up when he pretends he is somebody else. Chris is going to love having to come home and yell at them again but Man my girls get it done when threatened with taking their stuff away or not going out to play with friends. That works for them, not my boys????? They are more interested in video games and TV and computers and being with me I guess. Anyway, when I walked in and caught them playing monopoly I just laughed and thought, "Wow that worked didn't it!" So now on to Plan B, No Christmas!!!! That is working a little.
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Jody said...

Nice Boys!!! :) You are so silly