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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Lunch for Parents and Kids at Kids School Today!

Ok, So First it was Sami's lunch at 11:05am on the High School side. I ran there with Ethan and all of Sami's girlfriends came running to me beings I am the only Mom who showed up and gave me hugs and I hurried and sat and ate with the kids there. I had Sami and all her friends struck a pose for me so I could take pictures of them. As I am leaving to head to the Elementary side to meet Hannah for lunch at 11:20am all of the cafeteria yelled out to me which I thought was so cute but Ethan was so embarrassed "BYE SAMI'S MOM!"
Then off to eat with Hannah who was already in line to get food and when I found her she was crying because she thought I forgot about her. My Poor Hannah. I told her I didn't forget that I was only 2 minutes late! So we got our food and sat down and then surprise Chris came! He ran over for his lunch from School to come be with Hannah and Elijah also. Soon at 11:35am Elijah's class came in. So we sat there ate our lunch in a very load cafeteria and took some more pictures of all of us. Just so you know I have lost weight but you can't tell in these pictures but I have a surprise that is going to knock every ones socks off in my next post. So wait till that one!!! Anyway, it was a nice little Thanksgiving lunch with the kids and I am off to the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Youth Center with all the kids in 10 minutes! Fun for US!!!!
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