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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Song Chris and I Love and It Really Hit Home with our News Yesterday!

Singer and Writer of Song Jamey Johnson - Name of Song "In Color"

Chris and I rarely drive together in the same truck with our schedules. Well this song came on the radio over the weekend and every time I hear it I crank it up and cry because I think of my father, my husband and my grandparents and all those who have fought in wars and to live back then and to be able to tell your grandchildren of your life, your legacy that you will leave behind. Everyone always teases me about my house being covered in pictures, but as the quote goes "Every Picture has a Story to tell!" Both Chris and I with the News of him Possibly Deploying to Iraq in 6 weeks and getting the news no less than our 14th Anniversary just put me into tears. Chris said this song is what he will carry with him because it speaks to both of us about life in general and being Proud to be American and Serve our Country about our family about a couple of kids just trying to save each other. Chris and I have always felt that way about each other and to have it in a song in this way and with our looming news hanging over us, its just so fitting to us both right now. We always want our kids to be able to look back at our legacy and know we did our best and even our grand kids for that matter. By time we have grand kids photos will be a thing of the past so this will actually be something we can say to them, "You should have seen it in Color!" If you haven't heard the song, I suggest you do. Its very moving and its so many stories of peoples lives that makes it so touching also.
Please also keep us in your prayers as we walk threw the next couple of days of not knowing if Chris is leaving. We need all the blessings we can get right now and I could use some peace, really some peace!!!

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