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Friday, November 21, 2008

Now that I have done my own hair!!!!!!


First off its way shorter than I wanted it to be. However, it will grow. I keep getting asked by everyone who See's me and does a double take because they have never seen me with short hair, First, Why did I cut it? Second, What does Chris think? Well, Chris doesn't like it at all. He likes my hair long and always has. He would have preferred it to be longer but as I told him, its my hair and second it will grow to the length I was wanting! The other question is How did you just cut it off? I am just not attached to my hair like that I guess. I just doesn't bother me to cut it like it does others I guess. Ethan and Elijah took my pictures yesterday and this is the only one that wasn't blurry, but I wanted to share what it looks like when I do it and not the beauty salon. At home it just stays curly! WAY CURLY!! The shorter the cut the tighter the curls I guess. That's what I get for having such naturally curly hair. I am going to give it till 1 December and then maybe take family pictures. I know I will take the kids in to get theirs done but not sure yet if Family ones will be in the works this year. Not a fan of being fat in them. Last year was bad enough! I told Chris the other day if we do this I am in the back and covered! Anyway, thought I would share seems how everywhere I go at the kids school and the hospital yesterday and online my hair is the hot topic and answer some of those questions all at once. I like it, its growing on me, No Chris doesn't like it and the kids all say I look like Nana (my mom)! Of course I don't see it and neither does Chris but everyone else does. That's a good thing I guess. I can only claim one of my four children that look like me and that is Hannah. And Hannah is not happy either I cut my hair off because now we don't have long curly hair together! I told her it will grow back I promise. I guess she doesn't remember when I had straight short hair when she was born and her first couple of years of life when I went threw my other short hair days but I promise ALL it will grow back and be curly again one day! Enjoy Cori
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Jody said...

I think it's fine! :) I like your long curly hair, cuz well that is how I do mine, but you have always looked cute with shorter hair as well!

lettering mama said...

I think it's cute!