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Friday, November 28, 2008

My First Black Friday Robbery!

Its tradition! At least since I started having kids that is, that I go out every Black Friday(day after Thanksgiving) and get my kids toys that are so much cheep er with all the sales. This year was no different except that I miss having my mom go with me. It was our thing to do every year in Alaska together. This year for the very first time Chris was home and didn't have work or school (which he is in right now) and Sami is old enough to babysit which is weird all in itself. So we told Sami she was watching the kids today. That we would wake her at 4am when we left to tell her we were heading out. Of course she just said as I closed her door "GET ME GOOD STUFF!" So my girl. I think she will be happy lets just say that. Anyway, Off Chris and I went. For the past 4-5 years I have hit Wal-Mart first. Good toys and sales for kids. Not this year. WE hit a Local Store called H.E.B. They had the most of what my kids wanted and so cheep this morning. H.E.B is like a Fred Meyers if anyone is wondering what the heck that is. The line was wrapped around the building. They counted down from 10 to 1 and it took us almost 10 minutes to get inside. However, We got everything on our list and then some. We also got robbed!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, you read that right, robbed!!!!! I always put my id and credit card,debit card in my back pocket so my purse doesn't become a issue. Well as we stood in line in the Electronics's area, it was like bumper cars, it was finally my turn. Chris was out paying for the toys up front at the time. I pulled out my id and no card. I searched all my pockets, looked around my feet to see if it feel out etc.... Finally, it donned on me, somebody pick pocketed me! A first for me. So they held my stuff, and the lady looked at me and said your the 3rd person since we opened at 5am!!! It was 5:30am folks, ok!!??? So in came police and Chris went back and backtracked like I did to make sure I didn't drop it but No Luck. So we get all our stuff and the Police say get to a phone and call and cancel it now before its charged up before you get to the next store. Ok, Deli ma for me..... I need to get to my next store before what I want is gone, not spend time on hold with the bank for Pete's sake, but after throwing my fit from being so upset with myself for this happening to me and throwing my Starbucks hard on the parking lot floor I calmed down and we went home and called the bank. Thank God it hadn't been used yet and we sat on HOLD FOR 20 Minutes FOLKS!!! Ok, 20 to long because now not only am I officially a hour behind my openings I now have to drive all the way back to wear I was. I told Chris, He was my unlucky charm today for this to happen the first time he ever comes with me! He just took my hand and kissed it and said "YOUR WELCOME!" So we are however, mostly done with our Christmas shopping and got really good deals. Spent more than we planned as always and we are so tired its killing Chris and I because the kids are waiting oh so patiently for Chris to pull out the Christmas Tree and start decorating the house for Christmas. Me, I could wait another week but they are not going to leave us alone so I am off but wanted to tell my First Black Friday Robbery Story with you.


Jody said...

NIce.... This whole black friday thing was exciting yet alittle overwhelming for us. I have a bruise on each hand from being hit by shopping carts! there is nothing that important

Jody said...

Oh by the way, because your collage to the side was my idea... I want one! :) Please