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Friday, November 14, 2008

Ladies, I need your help!! I have to wear a formal dress to Chris's Graduation on Dec 11th!


Ok, so shopping around on the internet is so much fun and addicting but I know my body and I know how to hide certain things and diffently know how to wear all the suck it in underwear there is out there to help me look better in a formal attire dress for the Air Force. Not only do I have to be very formal, Chris has to buy his first offical Air Force Tux! The event is Dec 11th. These are my choice's so far but I give you all free rain to look around and find me something along these lines. Its got to have sleeves or a wrap or short coat! Have to hide those arms of mine plus I will get cold. It has to be formal. My favorites in this selection are the Blue with black on it dress with the black wrap,The whole black out fit with the leather jacket which I would change the color to a cranberry, and the purple dress with the cover up. I like the simple black dress too but I don't have a cover up for it either. They are all actually nice. I am hoping to be done another 10 pounds by then and I am trying hard!!! So look for me online, send me pictures of something or a email address to a store I might like, but help me! Chris looks so good and man with all his weight loss in a TUX!!! Yeah, I have to look good standing next to him too! He is pretty excited about it and I am like ok, you could have done this two years ago when I was skinny and had no issues thank you!!! Anyway, tell me what you think and let me know if you find something else.

Love Cori
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Jody said...

Ok you can't wait till I get there to help you pick ???? :)