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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In Need of a Change, Out with the Old and In with the New!

Introducing my new hair cut, and in with the new!!!!!
Today at the Kids and Parents Thanksgiving Lunch, again, Watch the hair.... Out with the old and ....
As you can see just hours earlier this is what I looked like with long hair!
This is a picture of me this past Friday in my new size 14 jeans!!! Yes, I am down 35 pounds but have many more to go I realize that. None of these are flattering. Anyway, watch the hair! I took in my family picture of the one of all of us in black back when I was skinny mind you about 4 years ago. She cut it shorter than I asked and then took big curlers and did my hair in the same sort of fashion. Mind you I have not done my own hair since being at the beauty salon but my head feels light and free and its growing on me. The lady's who were already getting their haircuts when I walked in and were still there when I was done all said I looked much younger and it thinned out my face. I don't know about any of that but Holy Cow 9 inches gone!!!!! They couldn't get over how I just let them take it off like that. I said I am in need of a change and feel the need to simplify things. So I did it. Chris and the kids Haven't even seen it yet nor did I tell them I was doing it. Only Ethan knows because he was with me. He took these pictures of my new haircut for me also. Anyway, Thought I would share and Shock you ALL!!! Just like my husband is going to be when he See's me tonight. Now I am off to another Thanksgiving Dinner at the Youth Center with the kids! Cori

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