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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy 14th Anniversary to Us... Chris and Cori Pearson


Well, we made it another year! Happy 14th Anniversary to US!!!! We are not doing anything to celebrate it but act like its another normal day, which it is. Got the kids up and off to school and got Chris up and off to the NCO Academy which is his school. Ethan and I are going to either go grocery shopping or something but mostly I am trying to get my house finished and ready for Thanksgiving. Maybe next year on our 15th we will try to do something to celebrate it. We never had a honeymoon so I think we are in need of one. It just a matter of someone wanting to watch all 4 of our kids when we do go somewhere which is hard to find. Maybe, just maybe we will get those orders to Germany in the Spring like we have been wanting and go to Venice or something like that or Paris if stationed over there for our 15th. That would be very nice but I never hold out hope for much these days. IF it happens it happens. If not we will just have to wait and go somewhere by ourselves when our kids are grown and gone! I think that will be in about 15-20 years which would put it around our 30th anniversary before we go somewhere by ourselves but oh well, I am sure we will enjoy it when ever the times comes. Till than, Happy Anniversary Chris. I love you more!

(these are just some pictures I could find of us over the past couple of years.) Our scanner is broke or I would have scanned earlier pictures of us but it might have depressed me to see us so thin!!! hehehehe!!!!) Enjoy
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Kathleen said...

Happy Anniversary! Your card was very cute, and I love the photo of your family in your blog header.

Jody said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your Family said...

Sport & Cori-Congratualtions on 14 years! You two have come a long way and we know you will go alot further! WE LOVE YOU!!! Your Family