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Monday, November 3, 2008

Hannah's First Grade Picture


This is Hannah's sweet First Grade Picture. She is always so photogenic. Her hair was done really pretty but ofcourse they waited till after recess to take a pictures.
Hannah Pearson
Age 7
Grade 1
Lackland ISD School

Also if your looking for Sami's 7th Grade Picture you can keep looking. Sami decided she didn't want pictures done this year, so didn't tell me when picture day was or give me the slip to fill out to pick a package nothing! She said " yeah, I didn't want them this year!" Yeah, Mom didn't get the option. Not a happy Mommy either!!! She is getting a little to big for her britches and I let her know that and she will be taking retakes and she doesn't get a choice this time, I want a school picture!!!! I was so mad at her but I tell her all the time, wait payback is coming:) I am such a good mom!!! Enjoy the school pictures.
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Jody said...

You are georgeous Hannah May! :)