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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ethan gets his casts off and Gets a Brace for Right Arm!


Well the day arrived FINALLY!!! Ethan got both of his casts off and was very happy about it, until it was time for some reason. Then he became passive about it and then leery???? His left arm is completely healed but right arm still has pain and is healed but not completely so they put him in a brace that he can remove for showering etc....
All I can say is Thank Goodness they are off, and second PEE YOU!! Man his arms had been stinking horribly and even worse when they came off. They let us use Alcohol pads to clean him at first which of course was good and bad. All his first layer of skin is completely peeling off. Its actually his tan from this summer that is coming off. Its just rolling off and weird looking. Then once they decided not to put on another cast we got to scrub them with soap and water!! I was thrilled and kept asking him doesn't it feel so good to wash them and he really didn't say to much except that it felt weird. I would have been rejoicing to do that.
So he is set, now I also had to take Elijah and Hannah to the Doctor. About a month ago it all started when Hannah got a bad head cold that turned into croup and then Elijah got it and so on and so fourth. Well they remained sick and getting worse. Well ELijah again started having problems breathing and had to use a inhaler. Well both kids have bronchitis and sinus infections and Elijah has a small spot of Pneumonia so he is on inhaler's, antibiotics, and steroids. Hannah is on it all too except steroids. Fun stuff for us. I was at the hospital from 10:30am till 3:30pm this afternoon and it wore me out big time running all over the place. However, we are home, and kids are on med's, Ethan is free and can even write now because he is a lefty and didn't need a brace on that arm. His tutor was thrilled as was I.
So now its off to bed and the kids start their week long Thanksgiving Break just so they can all get better! Enjoy the pictures of Ethan getting his casts off.
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