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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Pearson/Cooper Families Finally Reunite for Thanksgiving!!! So Excited and Can't Wait!!1

Finally, after 4 years we are all getting together again! The last time we all got together was in Richmond, Virginia at a Family Reunion for our Aunt Pam who passed away from Brain Cancer. Kevin and Jody and the kids had come from Germany. The triplets were only 4 months old. We took all the kids to Busch Gardens and had a great day. Most of these pictures are from there and at the hotel and a Playpark. Our last big picture of all of together was in a Olive Garden Parking Lot before we all headed home. I love these pictures. Before we were stationed in Alaska and The Coopers in Germany, we lived in Omaha and them in Cheyenne. We drove that 6 hour drive often back and forth to each others house many a times. However, our holidays together became a sort of Pearson/Cooper family ritual. Thanksgiving and The 4th of July were our holidays together. WE now get to resurrect that tradition after such a long time of not seeing each other. My kids are going nuts. They can't wait to see their cousins. Dave, Sami, Broc, Ethan will more than likely head out with tons of friends and roam the base. Dave and Broc have friends from Germany that moved here to Lackland and making the arrangements to have them come out and meet them. Sam and Ethan know all the hangouts for the older crowds especially Sam so I have no doubt we will hardly see them. They will have a good time meeting each others friends and hanging out freely. We can even have Jody take a good picture of ALL 10 kids together finally!!! I am so ready to have one of those in my house of a million pictures!

Hannah can't wait to get ah old of the girls. They are all bunking together and Hannah is already making all kinds of plans for them to play and do things with. She is so in love with them and can't wait to take of her babies as she just put it to me. She said "Mommy, You and Aunt Jody don't have to worry about the girls I will take care of them and Elijah said he and I can play hide and seek with them and play stuff animals." Elijah then was like "yeah, mom I can let them have all my Wiggles toys and I promise to not be mean and to let them have it for their Thanksgiving gift from me!" I am like Oh you guys are so sweet. I have no doubt that the girls will be well taken care of and hardly around either and off with my kids at the big Park across the street and more. Now 2 years ago this coming February will mark the 2 years since I have seen my best friend Aunt Jody when I flew to Germany to see them!! I couldn't wait anymore, 2 years is long enough for us all to go without seeing each other and seeing each others kids grow up and give them the memories Jody and I had of being together as kids growing up. I hate it here and she hates it there. We both live a state away and still with life happening could not get together and I finally got on my knees and begged and said it would make my holiday to have them here with us and it would really make me happy to cook a big Thanksgiving Family Dinner and have all of us together again. Jody agreed! WE are both excited as are our Husbands! Chris is worried about all the stuff we still have to put together but I told him we will get it done and it doesn't matter anyway, as long as we are together it doesn't matter what the house looks like. Shoot 10 kids and 4 adults in 1900 sq ft. I am not even going to go there or even worry about it at all! Its the love and happiness of being together I am so looking forward too. I get to see my best friend again! The kids get to see their Godparents and their cousins and we get to be together. What a Happy Thanksgiving for all of us!!!! I can't wait till Thanksgiving comes this year now! I love cooking big meals and I am excited about that as well. Chris is in the NCO Academy and is also inviting a couple single airmen to come over also for dinner. It will be a full house but that is the way it should be on Thanksgiving! So we are on the countdown, my kids want a countdown marker on our blog so I am working on that next. I just had to share my good news. Some good news that I so needed! Life can get you down and We have had a hard past year and this is finally our light at the end of our tunnel!!! Thanks for coming Team Cooper! We can't wait to see you all and hug you again!

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Jody said...

Yeah... I am so excited too! :) I can't wait!