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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Air Show with The Blue Angels come to Lackland!

These are shots of the kids out with Chris out on the air strip watching the show and going in and out of planes and doing there thing. I wish I could just stir up in me one ounce of the enthusiasm for it others have but I guess after 34 years of it, once you have seen one, you have seen them all. Besides. I am not a big crowd person anymore. I can't stand it. I get really grouchy( who knew I could get that way?:)!!!! Not me, Never!!! Yeah, Chris took them and I stayed home. It made for a great day for them with out me not wanting to go! Sometimes its better that way to not bring down the other's excitement for something they really want to do. I have learned that the hard way. The kids had so much fun and were talking a mile a minute when they came home. They let me know what I missed and I said to them, " I didn't miss a thing. I watched them fly over our house and perform their show right from my front step and window. How could I not, I thought I was going to sneak in a nap, yeah,NOT, The Blue Angels decide if I wasn't coming to the show they would bring it to me. Oh, how so kind they were!! I am writing this with full laughter and stubbornness all at the same time. Anyway, I thought I would share the pictures that they got that day! Enjoy, Chris and the kids did as I did too from the comfort of my porch..hehehe!!!
This is a square of tons of air shots with planes flying all over the place. Chris actually worked a booth both days and had been given a shirt that I made him turn around and let me take a picture of! He just shakes his head at the stupid things I think are cute! Its funny, I was raised around this stuff and as a kid loved to see the Thunder birds or Blue Angels and loved to watch the tricks in the air and hear that load thundering jet noice with my heart in my throat watching them do there thing in the air. Now not so much. My kids were jumping on the trampoline out back and they were practicing a couple of days prior to the show and were flying so low the guy actually waved to my kids on the trampoline from his cockpit! Yeah, that low over my house! Everything shook and rattled for days here, but its part of that military lifestyle, I so often forget that I really do love.

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