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Friday, October 31, 2008

Scared the Living Day Lights out of Me!!! And on Halloween No Less!!!!


So I am up late. What's new! I have been horribly sick and hurting alot so sleep doesn't come easy to me. I went downstairs and turned on the kitchen light to look at my wood that Chris has sprayed with a coat of clear gloss sealant to send to customers the next day and bring them inside. They looked so nice! Well out of the corner of my eye I see something but I didn't know what! Ok, Texas and night and animals making sounds like hissing is not a good sign. I back up slowly into the kitchen and shut the door and leave my wood outside. Out of nowhere from under the trampoline a POSSUM comes out. He is pissed!!!!!!!! I grab a camera and got one shot of him and the other's I found on the Internet. He was HUGE!!!!! Long Tail and Red Betty eyes to boot. Well it just so happened that Hannah and Ethan had collected some rocks to see if the middles of they were "gems" for his science project. I watched him scurry under the grill and got brave enough to open the door grab a huge rock and tossed it at the wood siding next to our patio to scare him away and it worked. He took off, not happily either but I didn't care. I threw the rock and ran back inside. I had no idea what it was at first. Yes, I have seen them in pictures, movies what have you but not on my back patio! First I thought ok, that is not a armadillo, no hard shell. We have seen tons of those around. Not a skunk, Thank Goodness! So after a quick Internet search of Animals with white faces, and grey bodies and long tails some pictures popped up of Possums and I felt like I was looking at our new little buddy on our patio! Scared the Living Day Lights out of Me. Of course, I wanted to run upstairs and wake Chris and the kids but didn't, however I got one picture of him and had to post on it!!!! There are all these pictures of sweet baby possums and people handling them etc... YEAH NOT!!! This one was not a happy guy or gal at all. Tomorrow I thought while its bright daylight out I am going to have to do a check around the house to make sure that there is no possums house around my house! Shoot, we already had to get rid of a squirrels nest on our roof who loved to run around and scratch and play on our roof when we first moved in. Goodness, they were pains in the you know whats!!! Now I have Possums! At least it wasn't a 5ft rat snake on my porch like my neighbor recently walked out and found!!! I would have freaked out worse:)
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