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Saturday, October 18, 2008

San Antonio Spurs, hold practice with the Military!

Last week Chris came home and said that he got tickets to go see The Spur's First official practice. I said when, he said well we have to be there by 9am!!! Yeah, early for a Saturday but we did it and it was a blast. They only let wounded Soldiers and there families and Active Duty Military attend. It was a small group but perfect just the same.

These are shots of the start of signing autographs. In pictures of Ethan getting his cast signed and girls getting their book signed the Guy's names are Fabricio Oberto (tall white guy at top) and Tony Parker (short black guy,or Eva Longoria's husband from Desperate Housewife's!) Ethan was the most excited to get these two signature's! Sami was just excited because she met somebody famous I think! Hannah she just wanted to fill her book up with autographs and Elijah yeah, he could have cared less about any of this whole advent. His major goal was to sit in a blue seat, not court side!

These are also shots of the kids first getting on the court. Being in the second row court side was really cool and the kids liked it and it gave them home court advantage as they were really quick to get in front to get autographs. I am not sure who the bald guy is in top row of this shot, sorry:( However, The tall red headed guy is Matt Bonner, and the other tall guy signing Ethan's cast is Tim Duncan. He is a veteran San Antonio, Spur!

These shots in the first two rows are basically of the practice and the players doing there thing. They started out just shooting hoops, then ran the court dribbling, and then started running defense and offense patterns and finally half the team split up on each end of court and which ever one made it to 13 First Yelled out they won! That was really funny to watch. The veteran's on the team were getting creamed! Even Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Fabricio Oberto,Kurt Thomas etc.... Finally they won the last set by shooting 3 pointers. The guy signing Hannah's Book and Ethan's Cast in the last row's name is Ian Mahinmi! He was really nice to the kids.

These are just some of the many shots we got of them practicing. We got some really good ones. Some were blurry do to them moving and shooting the ball so fast, so I had to be careful in the 80+ images I choose. Fabricio Oberto is the tall white guy in here, along with all big named Spurs! Also in this set is Elijah who finally got his way (by his dad) went closer to the top just to sit in a blue chair. As you can tell that cheered him up and made him happy. Then there is a crowd picture in the bottom row. Chris went up high to take it. That's all the military soldiers,airmen who were injured and came from Brooks Army Medical Center with their Families and all the Active Duty Personal who got tickets. If you click to enlarge picture you can see in the second row, my back to the picture wearing a white coat and long red hair with the kids next to me. Kind of a neat shot!

I like this shot of Chris with the kids in a row watching the practice as it started. Like before I tried to put the best shots of the practice I could pick from. There are tons more but these are the clearest I think and closet to see. Also the picture right in the middle is Ginobili. He is injured and can't play till December I guess. He made a small appearance, talked to the players for a bit, sat down and watched practice across from all the crowd and then got up and left half way during practice allowing no one to get his autograph. Yeah, not a lot of happy campers on that one. I figured he would come back out after practice was over to sign autographs beings his hands weren't broke, but he didn't. That was a let down for Ethan. He likes him. All in all it was a very nice morning. When we left the practice we went and bought the kids Halloween Custom es (more to come on that later!).Then we went to the Riverwalk for lunch and to walk around and finally do the boat tour of the River and hear all the fantastic history of the city (also more pictures to come on that too!). It was a great family day and a great experience for the kids to see a Real Live Professional Basket Ball Team up close and personal. The Girls and Ethan kept saying to each other, "I have seen him on TV!" That was pretty cool!

Because I really don't know this team except for the select few, I had to look up all the people I didn't know who signed Ethan's Cast and Hannah and Sami's Book. Here is the Team Roaster. You might be able to put a name with a face if you know basketball better than me!
No. Player Pos Age Ht Wt Born Exp Birth City
7 Fabricio Oberto C 33 6'10" 245 3/21/1975 3 Las Varillas, Argentina
31 Darryl Watkins C 23 6'11" 258 11/8/1984 1 Paterson, New Jersey
No. Player Pos Age Ht Wt Born Exp Birth City
15 Matt Bonner F-C 28 6'10" 240 4/5/1980 4 Concord, New Hampshire
21 Tim Duncan F-C 32 6'11" 260 4/25/1976 11 St. Croix, Virgin Islands
25 Robert Horry PF 38 6'10" 240 8/25/1970 16 Hartford, Maryland
28 Ian Mahinmi PF 21 6'10" 230 11/5/1986 1 Rouen, France
40 Kurt Thomas F-C 36 6'9" 235 10/4/1972 13 Dallas, Texas
44 Anthony Tolliver F-C 23 6'9" 245 6/1/1985 0 Springfield, Missouri
No. Player Pos Age Ht Wt Born Exp Birth City
5 Ime Udoka SF 31 6'6" 215 8/9/1977 4 Portland, Oregon
12 Bruce Bowen SF 37 6'7" 200 6/14/1971 12 Merced, California
24 James Gist F 21 6'9" 235 10/26/1986 0 Silver Spring, Maryland
41 Charles Gaines F 27 6'9" 225 10/15/1981 0 ,
No. Player Pos Age Ht Wt Born Exp Birth City
4 Michael Finley G-F 35 6'7" 225 3/6/1973 13 Melrose Park, Illinois
20 Manu Ginobili SG 31 6'6" 205 7/28/1977 6 Bahia Blanca, Argentina
No. Player Pos Age Ht Wt Born Exp Birth City
3 George Hill PG 22 6'2" 180 5/4/1986 0 Indianapolis, Indiana
8 Roger Mason PG 28 6'5" 200 9/10/1980 4 Washington, District of Columbia
9 Tony Parker PG 26 6'2" 180 5/17/1982 7 Bruges, Belgium
11 Jacque Vaughn PG 33 6'1" 190 2/11/1975 11 Los Angeles, California
15 Brian Morrison G 26 6'2" 192 7/25/1982 0 ,
22 Devin Green G 25 6'7" 210 10/25/1982 1 Columbus, Ohio
23 Salim Stoudamire G 26 6'1" 175 10/11/1982 3 Portland, Oregon
26 Malik Hairston G 21 6'6" 220 2/23/1987 0 Detroit, Michigan
33 Desmon Farmer G 27 6'5" 220 10/7/1981 1 Flint, Michigan

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Jody said...

I am proud of you for going, you hate sports! :) What a good mom you are! :) Very cool by the way that they got to go! what great opportunities you have had since moving there! Nice!