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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures of our day at the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio!

These are pictures of us downtown at the Riverwalk in San Antonio. We went to Hard Rock Cafe to eat. While sitting outside by the river eating lunch the kids couldn't stay away from the railing to watch the river boats and all the people and the river it self. Chris shot some really cute pictures of the kids by the Hard Rock Railings that I really like. Also you can get a better look at Ethan's casts and the autographs he got from The San Antonio, Spurs that we attend practice at earlier that morning.

These are some really pretty pictures of us walking around the Riverwalk and some of us on the Riverfront boats. It takes us up and down the river while the guy who drives the boats gives us a in depth History Lesson on the Riverwalk and all the important people in history who were born there, got their starts their, and died there. It was really amazing!

These two squares of pictures are of us just walking around and on the boat ride. We got really good shots of buildings and even got a shot of a wedding that was happening at one of the oldest outdoor stone gardens. Were you see the bride is were they filmed Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock! So that was neat. He showed us were the flood gates were and the history behind 2 of the worst floods in San Antonio History and buildings and how old they were and how long they have been on the riverwalk. We learned about the designer of the Riverwalk who was only 27 years old when he had it built. The design of the Riverwalk was submitted lots of times and finally in 1929 it was accepted but not built for another 10 years because of the great depression! Dwight D. Eisenhower was in a office in one of the high rises on the River Front when Pearl Harbor was attacked! Like I said lots of history down there. We also found out that of course San Antonio is the largest city population of Hispanics but come to find out the second largest is German's! Many German's came to San Antonio and helped build the city and start business at the Riverwalk. That was really interesting to know. Who would have thought it? Not me! Anyway, you can click on any of the squares to enlarge them to get a closer look. WE even rode by the downtown mall by boat! Oh My is all I got to say. I could spend some money in that beautiful mall! All the women were just amazed at all the glass work surrounding the mall to see in and out of it. Pretty cool doesn't even cover it.

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Jody said...

That's really cool! :) I want to come and see it, especially at christmas time!