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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from The Final Four!!!!

The Pearson Kids in front of our house before trick or treating and then Ethan, Hannah and Elijah together at the Youth Center Halloween Bash. Sami was off with her friends!
Elijah with his class at school for the costume parade of kindergartner's and at home and out trick or treating. He was the Blue Muscle Power Ranger!
Hannah getting all dressed up as a Enchantress Witch. Fake eye lash's, purple glitter and eye makeup and black lipstick! WOW!!!!!!!! What can eye say. Even with ugly make up on she is pretty! There are also pictures of her trick or treating.
Ethan as a Mercenary or Seal! All Black to match his casts. He of course decided last minute (which I knew he would) to dress up as something. So we painted his face black and dressed him in what we could find. He ended up having a good time!
Sami getting ready to go trick or treating with her friends. She went as The Burger King, King! All the adults loved it and told her good choice in costumes. She soon took it off at Youth Center Party because she was so hot. I had about 25 teenagers in my front yard acting silly and taking pictures for me. It was great. Cops passed out glow sticks to all the kids which was really nice. Over all we had a great Halloween and by 9pm Elijah and Chris were sound asleep!!! Funny how they do that. Enjoy the Pictures. Click on them to make them larger to see better. Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!

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Jody said...

They all look really cute! I like the new background :)