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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ethan's New Black Cast's and Update


Well we took Ethan to go see the Orthopedic Surgeon this morning. They took new xray's and the good news is Ethan will NOT need Surgery on his right arm!!!! However, he will need to stay in the casts for a minimum of 4 more weeks. When we take him back in 4 weeks and they take cast's off and re-xray him, they will determine weather or not he needs to stay in cast longer or if the healing process is finished and put him in splints and physical therapy to re-strengthen his wrists. Bad News is the Doctor doesn't want him returning to school with both wrist's broken and in cast. Worried about further injury and the fact that he can't write by himself or help himself in the personal needs area without help. So there for the school now has to hire a 5th grade teacher to come tutor him for the next 4 weeks. First of all they have no choice but to pay for it because it happened during school hours. Even thou he was walking home from school when it happened, it still happened when the school is responsible for the students till they get home. Second because Doctor ordered it. At first I was for the tutoring because of the same reason's and afraid the novelty of helping Ethan at school would wear off and he would find himself in a position of needing help and not get it. After talking to the Principal she said that Ethan could return and go to class and they would have to help him and he could do all his work orally, like tests and instead of writing answer's etc.... give all answer's orally to his teacher etc... That sounded actually good to me. This way he was still in school,not falling behind etc.... but Doctor said no. Just even a slight accident like stubbing his fingers could cause further injury and he was concerned about personal care for Ethan like using the bathroom etc.... So now he will get a tutor but they do things so different here. It looks like his actual teacher will have to teach a full day at school and then come and tutor Ethan after school at home! So he won't get tutoring during school hours but in the evenings which I thought was so strange but whatever. Plus they only allow 4 hours of tutoring a week!!! Yeah, what???? is right. However, Ms. Perolas said she could do it seems how right now its only for 4 weeks. So she might come on Monday's then follow up on Fridays or come on the weekends. Its crazy I know. However, the good side of that is that she is his actual teacher so she knows whats going on in the class and can make sure Ethan doesn't fall behind and when he returns to school he won't be behind at all because she still taught him while he was out. Needless to say, its going to be a long process either way. I made him check out a book so he can be reading a lot to rack up his SFA reading points for school and not just being sitting watching TV. Plus he and I will work on some of his homework here at home together during the day to keep his mind running, so to speak. Ethan is not thrilled about that. What kid would be. To him its like WooHoo, I get to stay home for 4 weeks and chill. Yeah, not so much he found out today! As you can see by the picture he got new cast's and choose the color black. I was surprised he didn't choose blue but it was his second choice if they didn't have black. I guess black goes with everything so good choice on his part. I however, have been very sick at my stomach all yesterday and all night and this morning. I thought for sure I was going to vomit at the Doctor's this morning. He even asked if I was ok. Yeah, No but I am here because of Ethan. My migraine is really bad and causing it I think. All I know is I am going to go lay down for a bit and Ethan just took his pain med's so we are going to take a nap! Fun for us:) Ok, I think that about covers the update on him. Until we go back again or if anything should arise between that time we will update again then.
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