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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ethan Breaks Both of His Wrists!! Yes, Both!!!!

All I can say is yes, I know! Ethan is in very good spirits (it might be due to the codeine he is on) but none the less, he is all smiles as he walks threw the door tonight at 10pm.
This week after being asked many times, I let Ethan and Hannah and Sami start walking home from school. We don't live far you see, its just that it was a "Mom Thing" I was doing I guess more for myself than for the kids. Plus Elijah has to be taken to and from school because he gets out of school 45 minutes before the others do, so why not take and pick them all up from school everyday? So I gave in this week because they wanted too and because I have not been feeling well. Well today, a older kid took Hannah's stuffed dog from her and was playing keep away. Ethan seen this happening and decided to defend his little sister and her stuffed animal. While running to catch up and get the stuffed dog back, Ethan tripped and fell down on both wrists. Almost like how you do a push-up off the floor and your wrists bend when you go down, yeah like that. Except Ethan heard snaps and had instant pain. Now I am at home with Elijah. He is downstairs watching Spongebob, and I am upstairs watching NCIS. Hannah comes bursting threw the door saying Ethan is hurt and in the open area behind our house past the woods. Ok, there is a small creek behind our house with a lot of trees, hence the kids calling it the woods. She say's mom he is crying and he hurt his arm. Mind you, Elijah god love him, the minute he comes home takes his socks, shoes and pants off to be comfortable, and I was still in my PJ'S with my hair on my head. So I told Hannah to run and tell him to walk home to me being he was not far behind our house. I wait and see him walk around the corner and he is screaming, and hysterical. I can't understand him or nothing, So I yelled at him to knock off the screaming and calm down and tell me what happened. Yeah, I get The Mother of Year Award, yet again for that one. He tells me and I take him in, get ice filled baggies and sit him down and put ice on him. His right wrist is swelling and has a huge lump on it and is creating the most pain and his left hand (his writing hand) just hurts a little. I call Chris at work and tell him to come get Ethan and take him to the ER, because I think he broke a wrist and or possibly sprang them really bad. They get there, xray them and come back and find that not only did he break his right wrist badly, he also broke his left one!!! Yes, my son is in count them "2" casts!!! They put the plain white ones on and cut the bottom a little to allow for all the swelling he is going to have and then they wrapped them in ace bandage's. He goes back on Wednesday when hopefully all the swelling is done to apply the color of his choice in cast's that he will have to wear for a minimum of 3-6 weeks each! They left at 3:45pm this afternoon and didn't come home till 10pm tonight. Long time in the ER! I told Ethan he could stay home from school tomorrow, of course his smart pants answer was "You think? I think this qualifies as a week off school at least!" Chris say's oh yeah, he is feeling so good that when I was teasing him at the ER, he told the Doctor and the staff that I was his step-father to just ignore me! All of us busted out laughing and Ethan of course is like that's what you get for teasing me! God I love him!!! Anyway, here are his first at home pictures of him in his cast's, yes, cast's as in plural! I still can't get over that he broke both wrists.


Jody said...

Ohhhhh Poor Ethan! That baby will not be laughing tomorrow when the meds wear off, he will be in real pain! Be nice to him and Baby him for Aunt Jody!

Cori said...

I had to leave this comment on the blog from my good friend Tammy, who knows exactly what I am going thru! Thanks Tammy for the encouragement!!!

Oh sweet sista, I feel your pain! Here's my story:

In the first weeks of Eric being in 4th grade he broke both arms. 3 girls were chasing him around the playground. In trying to get away from them, Eric climbed to the top of the climbing wall. Well, the girls could reach his feet. They took hold and pulled his legs straight out, leaving him holding fast to the top of the 6-8' wall. They wouldn't let go. Eric lost his grasp and fell, landing the same as Ethan, in the push-up position. The three teachers on playground duty didn't see this happen. Right after the fall they blow the whistle to line up.. The kids MUST be quite in line and while they walk back to class. Of course Eric's class is the furthest away and upstairs. It wasn't until they were seated and working that a girl said, "Ms Crume, I think something is wrong with Eric." She said he was ashen.... At the ER Eric's working on adrenaline; "They don't hurt & aren't broken. See...(as he flips his hands up and down)" The boy has always had a high pain tolerance level. The story goes on but already to long. He broke both bones in one arm putting that one in a long arm cast and the other arm was one bone = short arm cast. The sweetie couldn't work his pants or sweats of of course a big concern was him being able to use the bathroom at school and get his lunch. The principal and nurse said that the students would "love" to help him with his lunch tray (yeah right) and the nurse would help him with his pants (how humiliating would that be for a boy!!!). We refused and told them our compromise would be us not making waves in having these girls & school "severely punished" letting the girls stay in school, IF the school provided a prof. tutor for Eric. They agreed. This is in England. One of the mom's that sub'ed here and there was a licensed teacher. The school hired her to come out to our house 2 times a week for 4 weeks for 3-4 hours a day. I also took Eric to school 1 day a week for a few hours. It was a long 6 weeks. I already knew that the long arm casted arm would have to stay on longer. Than 4 weeks. At least it went to a short arm cast for the last 2 weeks.

Then last year Eric was in a wrestling ranking tournament (to see who would be varsity). He won his first 2 matches. Lost his 3rd. After the third he came over and said his wrist hurt but waving it up and down (range of motion). I, being a mom of boys, told him to rub some dirt on it. He wrestled and won the next 2 matches putting him as varsity. The next morning I woke him for church. He only opens his eyes and groans in pain (without moving) that his wrist hurts. It was swollen. The ER said it wasn't broken. I got a copy of the x-ray and showed it to our neighbor who is an orthopedic surgeon... It was broken. He put Eric in a cast.

Boys are great! At times it will feel like these weeks won't end and the month after will be hard on you for fear that they'll fall again. You'll get through it sister! We have great kids and they have great moms!!!!

Love, Tammy