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Monday, October 20, 2008

Elijah, The New NCIS Agent GIbbs!


Can you tell that my kids follow what we watch???? We love NCIS in this house. Well now USA Network carries the show every week night for like 3 shows in a row. Well normally that is what we watch and well my kids love it especially when they slap each other upside the head. Elijah loves Gibbs and says he is going to be the police when he grows up and slap his workers!!!!!!!! Got to love that 5 year old insight into life! So he earn his $3 allowance and Big Sister Sami took him to the BX (our shopping store on base) because of course it was burning a hole in his pocket and he said he needed a new shovel. He came home with a new cop set that he declared was his NCIS gear and held up his badge with his sunglasses on and said "Stop right there, NCIS, Special Agent Gibbs and your under arrest!" then proceeded to get out his handcuffs and try to cuff me. He is so cute. Elijah has loved dressing up and role playing since he could talk. He has a hat rack in his room with a cowboy hat, police hat, fireman hat, The Wiggles Captain Feather Sword hat and a Baseball hat. He literally at the drop of a hat changes personality's depending on his mood. He can recite lines from movie's and shows that are his favorites. He can even sing a song out of thin air. He drives Ethan crazy when he won't quit singing. Elijah is naturally a happy boy and loves to sing and dance and laugh and make people laugh. Maybe we have a raising star in our midst? Who knows?
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