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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Cover HOG!!!! Now I have Proof:)

Early on in our marriage,(almost 14 years ago Nov 18th) Chris used to complain that I was a cover hog. Well all has changed in The Pearson Bedroom so to speak!!! Last night around 4am I awoke freezing. Literally, Freezing and shaking. My feet were so cold. Mind you I sleep with a ceiling fan and a floor fan going for my white noise issues I have that helps me go to sleep but none the less Freezing! I realized that I had no covers on me. I get up and turn on the bathroom light to find my husband "The Cover Hog" had them all and was tightly wound up in them and nice and warm compared to my freezing. This is something he has claimed that I make up along with his heavy snoring. So I decided to get proof of the crime to show him in the morning! After taking the picture I pulled all the covers back evenly over the bed and he in Chris style barely even noticed and just rolled with it in his sleep. Then I crawled back into bed to try to get warm with my heating pad on HIGH, and decided if I have to be awake cold and shivering then he is too. Chris is my electric blanket, I can't sleep without him! He is like a human furnace I swear it. In Alaska the man never wore a coat! -20 degrees in the dead of winter and went to work with his uniform sleeves rolled up, ok! That should tell you how warm he stays! If he did get cold he just put on a hoodie with a t-shirt beneath because he would get to warm. SO I decided to put my cold feet on him and my hands. That woke him right up!!! He started screaming because I was so cold, and I informed him of the cover situation and there for it was his fault he had to warm me back up. He didn't feel the same way, needless to say:) However, within a second he rolled over and curled up next to me and warmed me right back up and we fell right back to sleep till a hour later the alarm clock was going off to start our day! Now if I could just record his snoring for some proof of how load he gets and how little sleep I get when he is on a snoring roll!!!

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