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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Countdown to Election Day! Get Out and VOTE!! Make Your Voice Heard

Now with the Final Debate Over, we don't have much more time till Election Day to decide who to vote for if your still on the fence. I am not on the fence and do not hide the fact of who I am voting for but this statistic of how many people are still not registered to vote really threw me. Yet, we have Yah-Who's like Acorn making fake ballots up. Personally, I would think if you want your voice heard the legal way you would go register and not let people like Acorn come up to you non registered voters and say its ok, you don't need I.D. to prove who you are, we will just fill in the blanks for you??? Crazy, so get out there and make sure its your name on that ballot, and don't let anyone speak for you!

I have always been a firm believer that if you don't vote, then you don't get to have a opinion or whine about how our Government is running our country. So PLEASE!!! Get out there and...

America and all it stands for is at stake. Luckily we are a country were free speech is a given, but it is also as a citizen your Patriotic Duty to your country to Live the American Dream and never forget why our fore fathers worked so hard to give us The Laws of America. A Democracy that is unwavering, but just and right. It was their Gift to us to live in a land of freedom. We want to change things like our economy, health care, foreign policy, inflation, environment, off shore drilling (DRILL BABY DRILL!) then we need to take and accept the gift given to us to help make sure that our elected officials never forget they work for us, We The People!

So lets make our Government work for us by making them remember that its The People's Decision of 2008!

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