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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Story worth telling.......

Sunday at church our Pastor gave a sermon on the book of Titus. The scripture is to the right if you wish to read it. Anyway, it gave me much thought. Chris and I have had some problems with others interfering in our lives and trying to decide how we should act,treat, do things in general in our own home. Not only that just plain out lying to us or stabbing us in the back. Sound familiar? A lot of people we speak with seem to understand this very well. So as I studied Titus in my Women's Devotional Bible that Chris bought me when we lived in Spain I came across a story written inside of it. I am one of those people who have personality flaws, yes I am not perfect!!! I tend to take things that are happening in our lives and take charge of them to feel like I have control of all the happenings in our home. I tend to feel like I have to take action because its the only way things are going to get get taken care of or fixed. My down fall is keeping faith that God will take care of our family if we just have the faith that he will and pray for those who are against us and for us. As humans I know we all tend to do that but its also wrong if your a Christian. When I read this story it really made me not only think, it made me bow down in prayer asking forgiveness and praying for God to take control over matters that are just not in our hands and to give me the patience it takes to remember that. So as I write this I hope maybe it will help others too. Please read along with me.....

Walk Upright!
Once upon at time, in the early days of our country, a weary traveler arrived at the banks of the Mississippi. There was no bridge. It was winter and the water was covered by a layer of ice. Was it strong enough to hold his weight, he wondered? Still, he had to get across before nightfall, and so, terrified, he crept slowly on hands and knees across the frozen surface, certain he would never live to see the other side. Suddenly he heard the clop, clop of a horse-drawn wagon. As it rattled past, he could hear the driver singing merrily. Unlike himself, the man, obviously familiar with these conditions, had no doubt at all that their glacial road was strong. I sympathize with that traveler, for I too, am a creeper. I know God has pro missed no harm will befall me (Psalms 91:10) and that I should cast my cares upon him and he will sustain me(Psalms 55:22). So why do I so often forget that God is one who keeps his promises? He really can bear the weight of my every problem. Today I resolve to follow the example of that long-ago wagoner. I will believe, walk upright and sing!

How cool is that? This is something I felt I needed to share because in today's world its so easy to get caught up in what is going on and forget that God is waiting for us to turn all our problems over to him. Thanks for reading!

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