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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pledge to Care

Pledge to Care
Family members, friends and healthcare providers can show their support to those with fibromyalgia by taking the NFA’s Fibromyalgia Pledge to Care. The campaign, launched on January 24, 2008 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., is designed to encourage others to join the NFA in its national advocacy efforts. The program consists of three pledges: the NFA’s pledge to the FM community, the family and friends’ pledge to someone special in their lives who suffers from fibromyalgia and the healthcare providers’ pledge to the patient. Those with fibromyalgia can also get involved by letting others know about this campaign.Those who take the pledge will have their first initial, last name, state and country listed on our online “We Care” page, along with name(s) of the individual(s) they are honoring.

Family & Friends
Pledge to Care
We pledge to:

-ALWAYS STAND BESIDE LOVED ONES with fibromyalgia, and support the patients’ quest for a better quality of life.
-ACT AS AN ADVOCATE to insure that loved ones receive the best possible medical care.
-BE RESPECTFUL OF LOVED ONES’ PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS, and help—or get help—when it is needed.
-EDUCATE OTHERS about fibromyalgia and encourage them to provide people with fibromyalgia with support and understanding.
-ADVOCATE for improved treatments, expanded research and an increased awareness and acceptance of fibromyalgia.
-UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE the people in my life who have fibromyalgia

I am a member of the FNA for awhile now but really never got to far into it. However, now I am paying member and wanted to add this Pledge to Care Article and the Pledge to Care Pledge for Family Members and Friends. You can go to this site to fill out the real form to support anyone you know with Fibromyalgia. Even me! This is important not only because it shows a person support but to help make family and friends understand that your not crazy your just in pain all the time and your energy levels are very low and all it gives them a link to learn all the latest greatest things that are out there for Fibro patients. They even have a shopping store for shirts, the rubber braclet is for sale and on and on. SO feel free to check out the link at:
This site is amazing and were I don't do a lot of the things yet on here, and I am learning to cope the best I can with this illness and have other illness like Rhemotiod Arthiritis in my hips and knees on top of that and many other issues I am trying! Its also great for me to get information and take it with me to my Specialists and say "Look what I found, what do you think?" It gives me a voice. It helps people understand that your not LAZY or SLEEPING ALL THE TIME just for the hell of it, your body is not the same as theirs is anymore. You have Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain and will have it for the rest of your life if a cure is not found. So try not to miss judge someone or shack your head or talk down to a person till you have all the facts! Love to you all, Cori

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