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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our New House!


Well, this is our new house. Before you say it yes, it looks big from the outside and its is very nice. It just small. Even my mom who arrived last night said you can't tell by the outside that its this small in here! She is right. Small is the right word but we will do the best we can and I already am expecting to have to put a lot of my house decor back in box's or remain in box's because there just won't be enough room for it all. We are a big family but we are making it work the best we can. The sad part about it really to be honest is we were spoiled. In Alaska we had a 3 level house and lots of room not to be on top of one another and we had 2800 sq ft there. Here we moved into a 5 bedroom 3000 sq ft home and had plenty of room there and big bedrooms! Something that we forgot the base housing skimps on! So now we are living in 1900 sq ft. If that gives you any idea of how much space we don't have anymore and how much stuff we will have to store. Chris just came home from the other house in Bella Vista and said " Man Cori, There is no way we will be able to fit half our stuff in this house. I didn't realize till they were loading it and I kept thinking about how this house is laid out and its going to be tuff!" Yes, it is, is all I thought to myself. Its not that the house is bad. It just once you are used to living with space for the past 3 years! A friend of mine is going to start a home business by being a personal organizer. So she asked if she could use me for her before and after pictures and help me get the house together. I think I will let her do it! Its will lower my stress level I think! Anyway, wanted to share pictures of the house for everyone who has been wanting to see it!
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Team Cooper said...

Don't get mad....but I think it's nice Cori! Also, it looks spacious to me... I know, I know sq. ft wise, but it really does look bigger than that! :)