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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New House Address Starting Sept 22nd!


Yes, we are moving again.... I hope that you all write our address in pencil because of the numerous times we have changed our address and moved. Got to love that military life style. Me, myself and I are getting tired of moving just because I don't have the energy I once had nor the strength and redoing and decorating a home takes all of that, but oh well it has to be done. The life of a military family I guess! Anyway, all our email address and blogs and business online store sites will remain the same. The only thing changing is our home address. We will start moving on Monday Sept 22nd- 26th. We are getting a U-haul to move our bedroom items and clothes and necessity's etc..... and taking it all over to the new house. Then the packers and movers will come and pack up the rest of the house and move us and deliver out at Lackland AFB hopefully all by Friday the 26th. Poor Chris and Hannah, we always, ALWAYS move on their birthdays. Chris will turn 36 on the 24th and Hannah will turn 7 on the 25th! The kids will also start at Lackland ISD starting Monday. They all seem very excited about the move and the new school in general which helps me not feel so bad. I hate moving the kids from home to home and school to school. Ethan especially. He doesn't do change well at all but he likes that since he went to Lackland last year he will know a lot of the kids already and the same goes for Hannah. Elijah I am afraid it will be harder on learning a whole new set of rules and regulations with a new school and new kindergarten teacher but hopefully with us now just living up the road from the school I can go more often to help out. Here is our new address and I will update with a picture of the new house soon.

Chris, Cori Pearson
Sami, Ethan, Hannah, Elijah
2603 Bullard Dr.
Lackland AFB, TX 78236

I have transferred the phone etc... starting Monday to the new house. It won't be set up till late in the day however, so we will be unreachable till Monday evening/Tuesday morning. Thanks for all the support and Oh yeah while I am at it. To all my friends who order vinyl threw my personal email or by phone I am closing up shop at Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design during the week we are moving. I hope to be back up and running by Sept 29th. Fingers crossed! We will keep you posted on the move and pictures of the new house etc... as we move threw our move. Crazy!!! To think also, next summer we will have been in San Antonio for 2 years and Chris and I made the decision and put in orders to Ramstien, Germany in the fall of 2009! So if we get them we will have moved 3 times in 3 years! Yeah, I can't wait to own our own home and settle for a long time! Where that will happen at I have no idea:) Cross that bridge when it comes. Talk to you all soon, Love The Pearson's

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